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Pingxiang Fxsino Petrochemical Packing Co., Ltd(FXSINO)is a company specialized in the design and manufacture of tower internals, packing, tower trays and the process of energy saving. Mainly develop the production, test and engineering service of mass transfer and separation in Chemical, Petrochemical, Refinery, Fertilizer, Oil & Gas and Environmental Protection areas.

With many years of technological development and production innovation, FXSINO has a very complete production equipment and strength. Widely cooperation with domestic famous Research institute & Multinational Group let FXSINO gain an unprecedented leap in the filed of production application recently.We provide our clients the best priced tower packing, trays and tower internals with good quality, practical utility and high - efficiency. Meanwhile, positively assist our customer resolve some questions which happened in project design, equipment commission, later maintenance& replacement etc..

“Abandon some of old rules aims to better development, Never stop our progress because of past achievements ”is deeply rooted in FXSINO staff heart. We believe each effort and innovation will let us move little faster than others.

Factory Scene

Sale Dept:0799-6841308/6888511


add:Nearby 319 Highway, “ Dong Bi” Administrative Dist., Pingxiang Economic Development Area, Pingxiang City, Jiangxi Province,China.

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